Lot 620 Ravenel Autumn Auction 2021 Taipei

Ravenel Autumn Auction 2021 Taipei


DING Yan-yong (Chinese, 1902 - 1978)

Ink and colour on paper, framed

180 x 96 cm


TWD 550,000-900,000

HKD 154,000-251,000

USD 19,700-32,300

CNY 128,000-210,000

Sold Price

TWD 1,320,000

HKD 370,787

USD 47,619

CNY 303,448


Signed DING Yan-yong in Chinese
With one seal of the artist

Acquired directly from the artist

"Ding Hwin Young's solo exhibition", University of Guelph, Ontario, 13 November 1970 - 3 December 1970

Bada Shanren & Y.Y. Ting's Paintings, Henan Art Publishing, Henan, 2021, p. 142-143


Ding Yan-yong's Landscape paintings show signs of his extensive research and connoisseurship of classical art with a mix of Chinese art techniques and western art concepts. This painting was completed with dry ink and a blunt brush. Edged lines demonstrate vibrant forces. A triangular balanced structure extends from the foreground to a hilly relief on the right. An old pine tree looms in the front occupying two thirds of the space. Distant pine trees form an intersecting cross shape, as a juxtaposition with the foreground. Yet the rugged thick bark could be depicted with central strokes. Swift strokes form patches of leaves while creating depth in the painting. The river bank at the center of the work was hidden from the branches. Such unique composition enlivens a typical landscape structure, allowing the extended branches to lead to the relief at the back. Huts in a distance peep through the edge of the hills, bringing surprises to the work. Light colours throughout the work balance the outlines. Hills in various tones of ochre suggest surfaces facing the light. Slopes and tree trunks were coloured with dots of ink. Patches of red below create a visual balance and guide the audience to the green distant hills. This echoes the classical vertical depth method of viewing the painting upwards from the bottom. Triangular rocks outlined with thick lines echo with the style of Fauvism, while balancing the surrounding space. This highlights a mix of Chinese and Western art, while demonstrating the dramatic character created by the artist.
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Ravenel Autumn Auction 2021 Taipei

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