Lot  644 Ravenel Spring Auction 2023 Taipei

Ravenel Spring Auction 2023 Taipei

Pine Wood by the River

HUANG Chun-Pi (Taiwanese, 1898 - 1991)


Ink and colour on paper, framed

119.5 x 60.5 cm


TWD 380,000-600,000

HKD 99,000-156,000

USD 12,600-19,900

CNY 86,000-136,000

Sold Price

TWD 660,000

HKD 168,798

USD 21,526

CNY 152,425


Signed HUANG Chun-pi in Chinese With three seals of the artist

Private collection, Taipei


Huang Chun-pi, known as “Chun-weng”, grew up in the era when Western and Eastern art met. Under the tutorship of Li Wen-xian, Western techniques of perspective, proportion and chiaroscuro are incorporated into art. Those techniques were further presented through ink and brush, creating a blend of Chinese and Western characteristics in his art. Landscape genre is prevalent among Huang’s works with attention on the grandiosity of the Northern School and the classical elegance of the South. Huang learnt from classical art and excelled in imitating the skills of Shixi. This work was depicted in the style of Shixi in a classical landscape genre. The structure was meticulously planned with a transition of rocks in the foreground through to the mountains at the back. Cun in dry ink was used to depict the relief and pebbles, while light ink was used for the rugged rocks. Colour was used for moss and grass with highlights of red for the flowers. The typical structure of a river carving through the landscape was used with a natural depiction of the running water. Techniques of aquarelle were used to depict pine and humidity, enhancing the secludedness of the village among the trees. Such a realistic depiction was heightened through the brush and ink of Huang Chun-pi.
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Ravenel Spring Auction 2023 Taipei

Saturday, June 3, 2023, 1:00pm