Lot  630 Ravenel Spring Auction 2022 Taipei

Ravenel Spring Auction 2022 Taipei


Walasse TING (Chinese-American, 1929 - 2010)


Ink on paper, framed

182.5 x 91 cm


TWD 180,000-280,000

HKD 49,000-76,000

USD 6,300-9,700

CNY 40,000-62,000

Sold Price

TWD 900,000

HKD 240,642

USD 30,633

CNY 204,545


With one seal of the artist

Acquired directly from the artist


This painting could be regarded as an early feminine depiction in Walasse Ting's artistic career. In his search of the essence of Chinese classical ink paintings through simplistic lines, as he immersed himself fully in modern Western art, Walasse Ting was able to conclude the definition of "modern art" in the combination of both the West and the East. This work is derived from Ladies of Tang Yin of Ming dynasty, suggested by the loose hairdos of the ladies in their simplistic depiction. Dark contour lines were used with reference to Matisse's paintings. Swift strokes and simplistic lines brush across the panel, imposing stark contrast with the delicate expression on the face which captures the characters of the ladies. Damp brush juxtaposes dark lines with white spaces, demonstrating the classical techniques of ink painting. Influence of stone rubbings could be traced in

the blocks of ink, with the aim to incorporate primitive art to the panel. Ink drips from the flowers held by the

ladies add spontaneity and visual impact to the painting. Such spontaneity was Ting's unique interpretation of the art movements in Europe and the US, and his constant quest to incorporate Chinese elements into Western art. By using an unconventional composition of ladies with a modern twist, one could only identify the Chinese element through a red seal of "Flower Snatcher". This work paved his way towards his other ladies genre paintings in his later career.
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Ravenel Spring Auction 2022 Taipei

Saturday, June 4, 2022, 1:00pm