DAO Hai Phong 陶海豐
Vietnamese 1965

“I am in search of artistic beauty in the most common places” - Dao Hai Phong

Born in 1965 into an artistic family, Dao Hai Phong is a renowned Vietnamese artist who graduated from Hanoi College of Film and Theatre in 1987. The theme of Dao’s painting is always Hanoi city and the surrounding villages, the beauty of which has been his endless source of inspiration. The human figures are rarely seen in his paintings. Dao uses the colors to bring memories and dreams of his childhood to life. The iconic image of voluminous trees in his paintings is a symbol of life and strength. The atmosphere in Dao’s landscape is symbolic with bright and bold palette yet radiating tranquility, elegance and serenity.


“Hanoi in the Memory”, Hall of Vietnam Art Association, Hanoi, 1993
“The Art of Vietnam”, Roy Miles gallery, London, U.K., 1994
“Pure and Piercing Color”, Switzerland, 1999
“Twilight Moment”, Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong, 2000
“Peaceful season”, Kim gallery, New York, USA, 2001
“Good morning Vietnam – Good Morning Korea”, Seoul, Korea, 2006
“ Treasures of Vietnam", Hanoi Art House, London, UK, 2015


DAO Hai Phong 陶海豐