Nicolas PARTY 尼古拉斯‧帕蒂
Swiss 1980

Nicolas Party was born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1980. He successively got his bachelor's and master's degrees from Lausanne School of Art and Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. Party is primarily known for his colour-saturated paintings and murals, he also makes painted sculptures, pastels, installations, prints and drawings.

He often paints landscapes, portraits and still lifes of everyday objects, which he strips of all extraneous detail. Rather than creating faithful depictions from nature, he uses these seemingly innocuous subjects as springboards for an exploration into the art of painting itself. His concerns lie, therefore, less in the accurate depiction of nature, and more in its translation and transformation through colour, materials and composition. Painterly precision, a vibrant colour palette and a keen eye for composition coalesce into works that are accessible and seductive but, at the same time, continue a long standing art-historical dialogue between observation and the imagination.

Patty has held solo exhibitions at museums such as Consortium Museum (Dijon, 2021-2022), MASI Lugano (Switzerland, 2021-2022) and The FLAG Art Foundation (New York, 2019-2020). His works have been representing by The Modern Institute, Glasgow, Galerie Gregor Staiger, Kaufmann Repetto Art Gallery, Xavier Hufkens, Hauser & Wirth, etc.


Nicolas PARTY 尼古拉斯‧帕蒂