Timothy GATENBY 提姆西‧蓋滕比
British 1987

Tim Gatenby was born in the United Kingdom in 1987. Gatenby’s work uses classical painting techniques to subvert pop cultural icons. Often combining deconstructed cartoon characters with dark humor, his images reflect the pressures of consumerism and modern societal tendency towards overindulgence.

There is a twisted nostalgia to Gatenby's paintings.His work subverts familiar characters not only through subject matter but also through technique. Despite the darkness found in the various styles and themes explored in Gatenby’s work, there are often playful, idiosyncratic moments that crop up, as if for his own amusement as much as the viewer’s.

His exhibitions include: “Re-animated” (Guy Hepner, New York, 2021), “Sorry, not sorry.” (Plan X Gallery, Milano, 2021), “2021 - Waluso Gallery X GALERIE OVO” (Waluso Gallery, GALERIE OVO, Taipei, 2021), “Exclusive Release” (2020), “Nice Day Out” (Waluso Gallery, London, 2020), etc.


Timothy GATENBY 提姆西‧蓋滕比