• The absentee bid forms must be delivered to the Ravenel at least 24 hours before the auction begins. The bid forms may be faxed to:
  • Taipei Tel: +886 (2) 2708-9868    Fax: +886 (2) 2701-3306
  • Hong Kong Tel: +852 2889-0859    Fax: +852 2889-0850

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  (We must have your signature to execute this bid.)
It is requested hereby that Ravenel tenders the bid on my behalf for the following auction items within the bidding range described hereunder.

I understand that Ravenel provides such bid services for the convenience of customers and Ravenel shall not be held liable for any failure to execute a bid. If Ravenel receives more than one commission of the same bid price with regard to a particular auction item, priority will be given to the person whose bid is first received.

I understand that if my bid is successful, I shall pay the final hammer price together with the service fee and any applicable sales tax. The service fee shall be calculated as 20% of the final hammer price (not applicable to wines). For detail please refer to Articles 4. a, c and d of the Transaction Agreement to the Buyer.

The bid shall be subject to the transaction agreement prescribed in the catalogue. Please note especially the limited guarantee and exclusive warrantees that may be provided for certain items.
Lot Title Bid price (TWD)
(excluding service fee)
Interested buyers should provide Ravenel with their current bank and/or other relevant material to ensure all bids will be accepted and the delivery of the auction item will not be delayed, and authorize us to verity the provided informations with the bank. Kindly provide this information for processing in advance of the auction date.
Bank Reference Approval
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