The Cowman


Bronze, edition no. 3/12

34(L) x 26(W) x 60(H) cm

Signed on the base PR in English, dated 2007 and numbered 12-3

250,000 - 350,000
64,100 - 89,700
8,600 - 12,100
Sold Price

Ravenel Spring Auction 2008


Poren HUANG (Taiwanese, b. 1970)

The Cowman

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Catalogue Note:

As a rapid development of the society and economy, new science and technology, various digitized products bring human beings capricious and vainglorious. The most primitive idea and faith among people are also growing further apart. A commitment to spirit is turning to animals. They are a part of nature. Since the ancient times, dogs are always the most loyal partner to human beings. With particular instinct to seek survive and ability to recognize, the human emotion causes it socialization, knowing to protect human beings and kind to us. Interaction and loyalty between dogs and human beings, we are the one already. The communication among people is by words and languages, and between dogs and human beings by expression in eyes, the body movement and very alert act to persevere in its post.

Nowadays, it has been a globe village in new humanities time. We can learn sensitivity, smart and loyalty from dogs, in order to master the new direction and thought, and challenge ourselves. The speed and sensitivity of new science and technology is super feeling like animals, and a winner is the first one who smells it. However, the invention and extension of science and technology is always from humanity. Besides, the human is animal, too. For the reason, human nature is ixed. Only some who are practical, vigilant and loyal can step into an international arena.