How to Buy
Tender Bid (Namely Buyer)

Those intended to buy art crafts through Ravenel in public auction and bid with other buyers in the fair and justice mode are deemed to be the final buyer after getting the target with the highest competitive bidding.



The catalogue shall be published a month before the auction. Collectors intended to put into auction can negotiate about the purchase through telephone, or directly purchased from the company. In the catalogue, apart from the data about all articles for auction this time, there are also detailed statement about many business rules about the auction such as service charge, term of payment, matters about payment and transportation of the entrusted articles for auction. In addition, the last page of the catalogue is usually the written bidding document. Those cannot attend in person shall fill in the form and then entrust the auction company to compete the bidding in agency.



Preview exhibition for Ravenel auction is generally conducted in Taizhong, Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei for a period of 2 to 3 days. Auction is conducted on the second date after the preview exhibition ends. For those intended to participate auction, presence in the preview exhibition is very important, because that is the only chance to see the entrusted articles for auction before the auction.


Knowledge about the articles for auction can be obtained through preview exhibition and telephone inquiry to the auction company as well. Apart from knowledge about the entrusted articles for auction, there may be an outline about the articles bidding for price and possible bidding situation at present. Besides holding preview exhibition before the auction, Ravenel may also arrange a series of lectures in view of some special auctions, so that those intended to participate in auction can get to know more.



Those intended to participate in auction may fill in registration form on the site of the preview exhibition. Contents to be filled include name, address, telephone number, ID card number, data of current bank, email, etc. Identification is made by the number card that is registered in advance, so as to save entry and bidding time on the date of auction. Without registration in advance, you can get the plate at the plate obtaining zone and take a seat after filling in the form for registration in the auction.



If you decide to take part in the auction but are unable to be present on the date, you can conduct the bidding through telephone or in written form. [absentee bid form]


Bidding through telephone: If the Client cannot be present for bidding but hopes to simultaneously conduct bidding onsite for the entrusted articles for auction, assignee in the bidding zone shall bid on behalf of the Client through telephone. However, if correct bidding is obstructed by break-off or trouble in receiving, the company shall have no responsibility.


Written bidding: If the Client cannot be present for bidding, bidding can be conducted through written entrustment. When it is the turn for the entrusted auction articles of the Client entrusting in writing, assignee in the bidding zone shall bid on behalf of the Client to show the sum the Client fills in time of entrustment. If price is closed within the sum of entrustment, the deal is clinched. Otherwise, if the closed price goes beyond the sum of entrustment, the assignee will not bid and let other attendees go on bidding.