How to Sell


Those intended to sell art crafts through Ravenel in public auction in the fair and justice mode are deemed to be the sellers after recognition of the company and appraisal of the specialist.


You may call the adjacent office; or you can send an e-mail to; you can also bring auctioned articles to an auction site during the business time from Monday to Friday to receive consultancy service. In order to ensure that specialists are present to inspect your articles for auction, we suggest that you make an appointment in advance. Before negotiation with our specialists, please do not consign your articles for auction to us or leave behind. In order to have adequate time for data collection, catalogue generation and photographing, each auction has a term for consignment, usually two or three months before the auction. For sale of articles on consignment, Ravenel shall adopt the commission system that is gradually reduced as per transaction sum of the article for auction. For any need, we will collect from the Client premium/damage compensation, photo making, repair of articles for auction, consignment and other service charge. Unless especially noted, there is no base price for the articles of auction consigned to Ravenel. After the consignment of auction is agreed, you may bring articles for auction in person, or have you consigned company to deliver the articles to Ravenel, or require experts department of Ravenel assisting in arrangement of the consignment matters. The Client shall concluded with Ravenel a mandate agreement, which is a contract for sale of articles, including the contents of consignment provisions and service charge, such as premium/ damage compensation, consignment, photo making, etc.


Shortly after auction, Ravenel will send you a post-auction notice, listing out the final concluded price. If your articles are not sold out, you will be informed that your articles have been withdrawn. In view of the articles that are not sold out, we suggested that you contact the specialist who provide proposal to you, so as to discuss whether to sell the articles for auction again, or arrange withdrawal of the articles for auction.


When the Client consigns, it is required to present effective ID certificate and sign auction contract with the company. If you consign our company for auction through the Client, it is required to produce power of attorney and effective ID certificate. The Client shall assure the company and the final buyer in written form that ownership of the consigned articles for auction is free from any liability or purview. It shall undertake any possible legal liability related to the consigned articles for auction since the date of auction. Economic loss incurred to the company and the final buyer here from shall be compensated. The Client shall make adequate and real written description to the company about source and flaw in the consigned articles for auction and shall undertake legal liability in case of falseness. If the consigned articles for auction are brought in from abroad, formalities for entry shall be conducted as per Law of the Republic of China on the Control of the Exit and Entry. In case of cultural relics that are forbidden to export by the government, seal of Customs of the Republic of China is required in order to consign the company to conduct auction.