Ravenel Spring Auction 2017 Stylish Classic Car Auction & Exhibition Sale
Sunday, June 4, 2017, 2pm
Grand Space 3F, Taipei Marriott Hotel
No. 199, Lequn 2nd Rd., ZhongShan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
Lot: 001

This car does not have a formal license plate. Year:1991 Engine:3.6L Flat Six Power:247bhp Torque:31.6kgm Length:4249mm Width:1651mm Height:1321mm Weight:1630kg

Estimate on request

Lot: 002

This car does not have a formal license plate. Year:1989 Engine:3.3L Flat Six Power:256bhp Torque:35kgm Height:4290mm Width:1775mm Hieght:1311mm Weight:1600kg

Estimate on request

Lot: 003

Year:1993 Engine:3.6L Flat Six Power:315bhp Torque:45.9kgm Length:4249mm Width:1753mm Height:1308mm Weight:1467kg

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Lot: 004

Year:1998 Engine:3.6L Flat Six Power:402bhp Torque:55.1kgm Length:4244mm Width:1796mm Height:1316mm Weight:1500kg

Estimate on request

Lot: 005

Year:2005 Engine:3.6L Flat Six Power:414bhp Torque:57.1kgm Length:4435mm Width:1829mm Height:1295mm Weight:1585kg

Estimate on request

Lot: 006

Year:2011 Engine:3.8L Flat Six Power:493bhp Torque:66.2kgm Height:4450mm Width:1852mm Height:1300mm Weight:1570kg

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Lot: 007

This car does not have a formal license plate Year:1964 Engine:1.6L Flat Four Power:59bhp Torque:11.2kgm Length:3950mm Width:1660mm Height:1310mm Weight:820kg

Estimate on request

Lot: 801

Year:1972 Engine:3.0L Straight Six Power:177.5bhp Torque:26kgm Length:4660mm Width:1670mm Height:1370mm Weight:1420kg

1,800,000 - 2,500,000
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Lot: 802

This car does not have a formal license plate Year:1977 Engine:3.0L Flat Six Power:180bhp Torque:24.1kgm Length:4291mm Width:1626mm Height:1340mm Weight:1190kg

3,600,000 - 4,200,000
Lot: 803

This car does not have a formal license plate. Year:1969 Engine:4.2L Straight Six Power:265bhp Torque:39.1kgm Length:4453mm Width:1657mm Height:1181mm Weight:1256kg

Estimate on request

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